Who is Scott Morales

I am a software developer with a passion for building websites and creating software that is innovative and empowering to the client. My goal is to exceed expectations and set the bar higher every day. My professional experience in several fields has given me communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills that allow me to be a key asset in any working environment. I am a flexible and agile learner, confident that I will quickly add value to your team as I have in all of my previous positions.

Working on BS in Computer Science

I began studying Computer Science in August of last year. I realized I love building applications and wanted a deeper, broader knowledge of the technology I was using. Code alongs are great, but I need to know three things: Why is this the best way to do this? Where did this technology come from? How does this fit together with everything else? Studying Computer Science is helping me answer these questions.

Full time Policing

I'm currently a Police Officer working full time. I love working in public service and being able to help people in their moments of great need. I am excited to take the lessons and knowledge I have gained as a Police Officer into the technology career field.

In love with Gatsby

I stumbled upon Gatsby toward the end of 2018 and absolutely fell in love with it. I have been tinkering with it and building websites with it ever since. This website is made static with Gatsby and it is truly amazing! You should look into it for yourself, or ask me more about it.

Interested in your Opportunity

I love coding, engineering, and working on projects. If you have an opportunity, contact me!